Lash Therapy Australia Eyelash Serum uses the latest formula made with natural and safe ingredients to help enhance the appearance of volume, thickness, length, and curl of your lashes.

Use the applicator brush to apply the serum once daily at night or in the morning to the base of your upper lash line. Ensure any makeup is removed and your lashes are dry before applying. Blot out any excess solution and avoid getting the product into your eyes.

We recommend consistent use of the serum to maintain results. If you stop applying the product, your lashes will likely return to their natural appearance.

Yes, it is perfectly fine to use makeup while using the Eyelash Serum. Mascara and similar products should be completely removed before you apply Eyelash Serum.

The answer is YES! We recommend using lash serum with your lash extensions and many lash technicians agree. The serum can protect and strengthen your lashes, making it easier for your lashes to hold the extensions. It also may help to extend your lash cycle, resulting in less frequent refills. The serum is applied to the lash base on the skin of your eyelid, so it should not interfere with the bond of the glue.

Results vary for everyone, due to differences in lash cycles. While some individuals may see results within a week, others might require 8-12 weeks. Results may begin within 1 - 6 weeks.

It can last 6 months if used once a day, following the application directions.

We recommend applying the lash serum once daily, either in the evening or the morning. While applying the serum both day and night is not harmful, it will not accelerate results, and likely result in a shorter lifespan for your serum.

Our eyelash serum is formulated to be suitable for sensitive skin types. We do not contain any hormones or harmful ingredients. We recommend reviewing our ingredient list for potential allergies if you have any concerns.

Our products can be used by people of all ages, however we recommend if you're under the age of 18 seeking guidance from your legal guardian.

Yes, we are cruelty free.

We recommend removing your contact lens prior to applying the serum before bed or please consult your optometrist.

Prior to use we suggest to show your midwife or GP the list of ingredients for confirmation. This decision needs to be yours & your doctors.


Lash Therapy Australia Eyebrow Serum uses the latest formula made with natural and safe ingredients to help enhance the appearance of volume, thickness and fullness of your brows.

Please ensure the eyebrow is clean. Apply in the morning and evening directly to the eyebrows using the applicator brush provided. Blot out any excess solution.

Results vary for everyone, due to differences in hair cycles. While some individuals may see results within a week, others might require 8-12 weeks. Results may begin within 1 - 6 weeks.


This mascara is formulated with our Advanced Formula Eyelash Serum which can help enhance the appearance of volume, thickness, length, and curl of your lashes.
Experience the convenience of a smudge-proof tubing mascara that can be effortlessly removed by applying warm water and gently rubbing. The tubular formula easily peels off for a mess-free, quick removal, leaving no residue behind.
With our Growth Serum Mascara, you can say bye-bye to falsies as it allows your lashes to appear longer & fuller.

Yes, our Growth Serum Mascara is water resistant.

We suggest you use hot water and an oil based cleanser to remove the growth serum mascara as it is water resistant.


Our eyelash curler helps you achieve super curled and feathery lashes in seconds without tugging, crimping or damaging them.

The individual lash hairs thread through the comb so that when you press down, the lash hairs are gently encouraged to move upwards. The comb prevents your lashes from collecting together and crimping. It's all in the comb!

REVOLUTIONARY COMB ATTACHMENT — helps to separate lashes creating a perfect curl. For naturally short lashes, will get a soft lifted curl, and longer natural lashes that fully reach through the comb can result in a lash lift effect! Other curlers may cause the lashes to overlap and twist in different directions, the comb separates them and is designed to only touch your lashes, (never your eyes) adding extra support to your lashes as they curl, creating a proper shape as opposed to a harshly crimped shape

CURVED HEAD — Adapts to most eye shapes, including hooded eyelids

ERGONOMIC DESIGNED HANDLES — Make it easier on your hands and fingers to hold and cause no strain! It also helps regulate the correct amount of pressure applied to your lashes.

PERMANENT LASH PADS — Lash pads do not need to be swapped like generic curlers! This is a once off purchase!

SPRAY PAINT TECHNOLOGY — The pretty pink body is a result of a new innovative painting method! We know you love things looking pretty and we have you covered!

NON-CRIMPING, NON-CLUMPING & no mascara needed to achieve a lash lift effect in seconds!

This is dependent on your lash type and environmental conditions! In saying so, most people who use our eyelash curler always say how their lashes stay curled all day.


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