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Eyelash Curler
addison bailey
Doesnt work

i love lash therepy and i love using the lash serum its really made a big change in my lashes but the curler really didnt impress me the white bit doesnt even touch my lashes and it doesnt curl my lashes ether so i wouldnt reccomend buying it

no difference

i’ve been using this regularly for a while now and i haven’t seen any results. I’m so disappointed because it was expensive but it was just a waste

Amazing I love it so much

Okay Mascara however it dried out very fast

Growth Serum Eyeliner
Glenda Newth
Lash serum

unfortunately. i have only seen a minute difference in growth and nothing in thickness.
i love the eye liner and mascara.
Perhaps the serum is better for a person who has reasonably good lashes and wants to see them fuller.


I initially liked the way it was easy to apply. But after a few uses,the top keep popping off, making difficult to store. It eventually dried out and no longer could use it after only having used it for approximately 5 weeks. I reached out to customer service,but they said they would only offer a replacement within 4 weeks of purchase.
Pretty poor effort on the company's behalf.
Would not recommend.

noticeable difference!

It took a while for me to notice my lashes growing but i have noticed significant growth and it really does look like i'm wearing fake lashes. highly recommend this brand:)

Eyelash Curler
Gemma Jones
Not what I was expecting

I don’t think that the eyelash curler fits the shape of my eyes which is obviously a personal thing and not the curlers issue, however I also feel that my lashes fall very quickly as in minutes after I just curled them which is disappointing. The way they curler spreads the lashes is really cool though I like that.

The Complete Lash Set
Tammy Sewell
Very disappointed

Very disappointed with this product. Have been using it for nearly three months twice a day , and absolutely not a difference in length or thickness .

don’t think it has grown my lashes but i absolutely love the formula because it thin so it’s layerable and doesn’t make lashes clumpy, i also love how easy it is to get off of your lashes

Best lash serum ever! Works wonders

Eyelash Serum 3ml
Hayley G
It works!

After having lash extensions, my lashes became brittle. I lost lashes, which really upset me. About 1.5 months of using lash therapy, everyday, I was really happy with what I was seeing. My lashes indeed grew and so did the short lashes underneath. I'm so proud of this product. It does what it says. My lashes, now, look better than what they looked like before the extensions. Love wearing mascara again. Be patient. Be consistent. And YOU WILL SEE results.

The Complete Lash Set
Mariam Saad

So good

Eyelash Serum 3ml
Victoria Ztalios
Didn’t see any result

I purchased the lash therapy serum 2 months ago now and have been applying it to my lashes every night since. I’m sad to say that I still have not seen any results on my lashes, and don’t think I will. I was disappointed as I’ve seen many others remarkable results however none for myself. I’m not sure if it is the product or my lashes that failed to show results however it was disappointing after spending so much money :(

Eyelash Serum 3ml
Gilad Eyal
I didn’t get it yet….

Please check from your end

Eyelash Serum 3ml

Lashes have grown so much. I have used this everyday for two months

Eyelash Serum 3ml
Emily Kim

Has not come in over a month

Literally disappointing

I bought this set. I'm trying eyelash serum, but when I was going to use mascara for the first time, I came across something like this. I was surprised and disappointed!

Ultimate Lash Bundle
Makenzie Justice
it’s great

love the products so far! lash curler is amazing and I like that it comes with a extra piece. will be ordering again in the future.

Eyelash Serum 3ml
Monika Stokes

amazing product

The Complete Lash Set
Ruby Honess

The Complete Lash Set

Eyelash Serum 3ml
Gemma Daffy
eyelash serum

been using it for two months and haven’t seen any changes

really good lengthening mascara, a bit like sky high. i dont think it really made my lashes grow but still very nice

Lash therapy Mascasa

I’ve bought 3 mascaras from here 1 for my mother and 2 for myself. It is absolutely incredible, I haven’t seen much growth personally but it is a great mascara to start with and comes off easily

Lash Serum & Serum Mascara

Love my long eye lashes & want to keep them that way.