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Lashes feel stronger

Since using this product, lashes seem thicker and stronger. I don’t believe they are longer, but it accomplished my mission of repairing my lashes from the extension damage and lash gaps. Would definitely recommend for lash repair.

Growth Serum Mascara 6ml
Nabilah Bafadal
Not so good

It's not easy to use the clipper. And the mascara is good to use, but hard to clean..

Growth Serum Mascara 6ml

i absolutely love this serum, i’ve seen a big difference with my lashes after wearing the mascara and the applying the serum every night. definitely would recommend!!

I love that the serum is in the mascara and have noticed growth

Eyelash Serum 3ml
Lina Failla
Not happy

Used the serum faithfully for two months, no improvement at all. Waste of money. Very disappointed. Will not buy it again.

Doesn’t really work

I’ve used this product for over 3-4 months and haven’t noticed any changes to my brows. I have a lot of bold spots in my brows and this didn’t help fill in those areas at all.

Eyelash Serum 3ml
Leah Casey
No big change

After using every day (once it finally arrived a month after I’d ordered it) I have noticed a very small change, will keep using until empty in hopes of great results like everyone else!

Sorry not for me.

The curler only works if you have long eye lashes. Another thing, every time I applied mascara and then curl it, the curler will “ comb” the mascara away, in the end you will end up you have to reapply.

Eyelash Serum 3ml
fernanda fuenzalida
No difference after 8 weeks

I haven’t seen any difference after applying it for almost 8 weeks :(

Eyelash Curler
Karen Sutton
Eyelash curler

Can't recommend this eyelash curler enough. Easy to use, and Ithe combs guide your eyelashes through. One of my favourite tools. I love it!

Eyelash Serum 3ml
May Alshatti

Its amazing i liked it very much !!!

Growth Serum Mascara 6ml
Amar El-Mohamad

The only lash growth serum that hasn’t left my eyes hurting the next morning ! I’m in love

Natural Eyelash Extensions!

I am obsessed with this product… my lashes went from being so short that I couldn’t get them to curl in a lash curler to being so long after one bottle that people are asking if I have lash extensions! Told all my friends & they are in love with it also…x

Eyelash Serum 3ml
Montarna Bitorsoli
Not a gimmick!

I’ve been using my lash serum (almost) every night and can totally notice the difference in my lash length, thickness and health. I think I’m almost ready to buy another bottle! Also got the lash curler which makes them look amazing with a coat of mascara. Love!!!

Growth Serum Mascara 6ml
Samantha Prozenko
Would buy again

I’ve been using the Growth Serum Mascara for a month or so, and I have noticed my eye lashes are a lot thicker and a bit longer! I will be definitely be buying this mascara for now on! It’s a really nice formula too and doesn’t go all clumpy like some other brands. I definitely recommend buying :)

Eyelash Serum 3ml
Christie Giamas

Such a good serum, saw amazing results within a few weeks. Definitely made my lashes longer and thicker.

Eyelash Serum 3ml
Sarah Brereton
Love it

I’ve had lash extensions for a while and they ruined my lashes, after using your product my eye lashes and eye brows have grown back thicker than ever

Too early to tell

I’m using it every day and I hope it works, I’ll keep using it until it runs out and see results

eyelash curler 😍

really good love it so much and i’ve never felt scared about it ripping my eyelashes as it separates them

Love these products

I've got eyelash serum, mascara combo and eyelash curler and I'm already in love with all of them 😍 I saw Lash Therapy Australia in a news article and just loved the story and ordered some products when they had boxing day sale on.
I curled my lashes and lightly coated this mascara and the result is just wow 😲 (Please see the pictures!)
My eyelashes are quite straight and stubborn but oh my gosh, just a few swipes and achieved long pretty lashes 😍 I'm so looking forward to starting the serum tonight!

Growth Serum Mascara 6ml
Emily Dargaville


Eyelash Serum 3ml
Domarin Khamo

I love your product it work like magic your the best ❤️

Eyelash Serum 3ml
Isabella Hancock

I absolutely adore this product!! I have been using the lash serum and mascara for about 10 weeks daily and have achieved AMAZING lash growth results! 🤩 My lashes are now so much healthier, longer and thicker which is incredible. So many people don’t believe that they are natural!

Eyelash Serum 3ml
Domenica Ciurleo

Love it ❤️