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Very good

I use this mascara everyday and I love it, I recommend it to all my friends and I only bought it because I noticed a difference in my friends eyelashes. I’ve been using it for awhile and the length has gotten really long I don’t even feel I need to wear mascara, my favourite part about the mascara is how easy it comes off, as a girlie that goes to the beach often I sometimes forget to take my mascara off. The mascara comes off so simple and leaves no dark under eyes. I love!!

Lash Separator.

Just what I have been looking for!! Separates lashes perfectly as I always have clumps,easy to clean,use everyday. A staple in my make up bag. 10/10.

came on time and such a good product

perfect, love the adjustable wand, perfect and aims for all my lashes

I love the lash and brow serums. It works wonders about to purchase another! 💕

I haven’t noticed much length on my lashes but they have become thicker. Unfortunately I brought this serum for length. Have used everyday for 3-4 months.

Eyebrow Serum 3ml
Paula Perdomo santana

Did not see any changes.

works so well


Great concept but doesn’t work to how it should to get best look

Everylash Growth Serum Mascara 6ml

Eyelash Serum 3ml
Bella Hooker

This product is inane. I got the lash and brow serums and the results speak for themselves.

Lashes legit grew.

Eyelash Serum & Everylash Growth Serum Mascara Bundle

shipping was long

The Complete Lash Set
Olivia Cullen
Positive review

I love it so much and it has worked extremely well and i can see a major difference in my eyelash length, thickness and overall eyelash health.

Eyelash Serum 3ml
Stephanie Blyth
I have eyelashes!!

Purchased 3 times now and am very happy with results. I’m in my mid 50’s lashes are a struggle but very happy with results I honestly see I have longer lashes! Give it a try

Eyelash Serum 3ml
Cecily Van Eerde

This hasn’t really done much for my lashes I haven’t seen a difference

My natural lashes have never looked this good!!

I had been getting false lash extensions for 2 years and once I decided to remove them, my natural lashes were very weak and short. I have now been using this lash serum for about 3 months now and my natural lashes have never looked better!!! Before & After Photos (both wearing mascara).

Lash serum

I’m very happy with the results and only after 6 months of use

Growth Serum

Used everyday. Haven't seen results yet

Eyebrow Serum 3ml
hope sherman
eyebrow serum

the eyebrow serum has really helped my eyebrows look full and thicker!


Absolutely love this product leaves my lashes so soft and healthy, the only reason it’s not 5 stars is because it feels like it needs some sort of stopper, everytime I use it I lose product from excessive dripping of the length of the plastic on the wand.

Hmm not a huge fan. Got a bit in my eye and it flooded it with black. Had to rinse my eye out.

Loves this mascara

Love this product. I have seen so much growth and people have been asking non stop if my lashes are fake. Overall a really great mascara that grows ur lashes while you wear it.

Hardly anything in it. Very expensive. Can’t imagine it will last more than a few weeks. Very disappointed. Won’t buy again.