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Best lash serum ever!

This is my before after and after with mascara! This is such a huge difference personally it’s honestly the best lash serum I’ve tried thank u guys so much! ( this is 6 months difference and I’ve still got around 3 months left of my serum!)

Im so exited!!

So i havent tried it yet and im debating if i should, im a bit younger but i have some vitamin deficiencies and that makes it extremely hard to grow my eyelashes hair and brows, i saw another review that said it worked rly well but im scared, ive tried the ordinary lash serum and aaaaal my lashes FELL OFF!!! Im not kidding, so, SHOULD I BUY THIS OR NOT?? I dont know, im just scared that my lashes will fall off again 😭 but im exited to maybe getting some answers 🩷 BTW the picture is like my eyelashes now, i didnt have a good picture besides this 🤌

I think it’s been growing my lashes but mixed feelings

Lash Conditioner 10ml
Emily Colman

Lash Conditioner 10ml

Serum infused mascara

So far I have been losing a lot more eyelashes than I was before using this mascara. I am also using the lash therapy serum which has been excellent but now most of my longer lashes have fallen out since I’ve been using the serum infused mascara. Im still using it in hopes that I will see positive changes but none so far.

Eyelash Serum - Christmas Edition


This works so well and so fast

Yes, worked well. Made my lashes look very nice and long.

I have not yet seen results from my mascara and when I wear it the formula is quite heavy and it weighs down my lashes causing them to lay flat. However I have not really given the mascara a good chance so I am trying it out for a little longer. :)

Mini Lash & Brow Travel Pack
Elizabeth Nicholson

Mini Lash & Brow Travel Pack

Product took 2 months to arrive!!

This product has brought my lashes back from the dead!!! Not only did they grow back from false lash damage but they are the better than what they were! Truly amazing product and I was cautiously optimistic. I couldn’t believe how quickly they grew back. Must buy. I’m purchasing another kit today!

made my lashes so much longer and thickerrr ❤️❤️❤️



Too early for me to review as only just started applying on my eyelashes. Will do another review when they time comes

Mascara is watery and dries quickly and sticks the eyelashes together and is hard to remove.
After two nights of using the eyelash serum, i dont see any change and the eyelash serum applicator is very thin and hard to apply on the eyelashes.

Eyelash Curler
Katelyn Anderton
Lash serum infused mascara

LOVE this curler, works amazing!

Lash Serum Results

After my year12 formal lash extensions i have been using lash therapy serum ever since to try restore my damaged lashes :(
i am obsessed with the results!!!
the before is december 2023 and after is june 2024

Eyelash Serum 3ml
ava yeoman
best lash serum ever

made my lashes so strong and healthy and they grew so long in just 4 weeks of using it

Eyelash Serum 3ml
charlie holbrook

i love this product! i’ve been using it for over a year and i saw results in 2 weeks! it’s worth the money 100%, when all my eyelashes fell out this grew them back and made them 3x longer! (this is my before and after!)

Eyelash Serum 3ml
Alice Pender
So fast

Very very good it grew my lashes in only 4 weeks

great results!! definitely would buy again

Eyelash Serum 3ml
Very good!

really good, helped my lashes grow and i saw results in 4 weeks

Eyelash Serum 3ml
natasha Sarkari

Hi lash therapy!! I recently got the product after asking for a new one because of the pervious one I purchased being very harsh to my eyes and turning them red and itchy as-well as having a horrible scent. You guys were so understanding and gave me a new one which I appreciate!! But the smell is is still there and it looks like it’s thinning my lashes instead of growing them.

Love love loveeee 😍😍😍